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Property Education: RichDadPoorDad Education October 2016

Retha is a wife, a mom of three, a business woman and a property investor. In life and in business, she believes in taking action and ensuring that every single day she makes progress towards her goals. Retha has a passion for being a coach and loves to guide her students to success. During her career as a property investor, she has managed to successful close various property deals using flips, buy-to-let and unique development strategies for highest returns.

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Property Education: Rich Dad Poor Dad Education Dec 2016.
Property Accolades: TJ was a SAPIN (South Africa Property Investor Network) 2018 nominee for the investor of the year award.

TJ is a husband, a father of two, a humble businessman and an active property investor. TJ is biased towards action and he believes that to live a better life one needs to be a bigger human being and the best version of themselves. TJ has a passion of helping others succeed and in his spare time, he teaches other people how to find profitable property opportunities. TJ sources opportunities for the company and has a strong track record of finding best deals for our company and for our investors.

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Before joining M5, Bevin was a co-owner of a construction company that specialised in commercial maintenance, residential renovations and smaller developments.

“I have learnt the importance of surrounding myself with the right people and constantly being open to learning from others. When I think back to my first property purchase, I am reminded how dangerous it is not to be informed and how valuable it is to constantly be expanding your knowledge” His experience as a general contractor has given him the ability to read a property, and its potential, with the added bonus of being familiar with the costs needed for any rehabilitation work. He now focuses full time on securing cashflow positive properties and is super passionate about property. His ultimate goal is to make sure that his wife and young daughters have a secure future.

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Daniel Moropodi is a former Construction Project Manager for 10 years. He is currently a Property Manager and a passionate property investor.

He is a husband, a brother to two sisters and a proud uncle to a nephew and niece. As a property investor his number one priority is to invest in properties that generate long term passive income. One of his favorite quotes is from Warren Buffet: “If you don’t learn how to make money whole you sleep, you will work until you die”. Property is one of the best vehicles to ensure that you leave a good legacy for your family and ultimately have a positive contribution to the world.

Co-Managing Director

Hubert Viljoen is a proud father of 2 wonderful kids. He is a keen outdoorsman and loves to spend time in nature hiking, running or mountain biking.

Hubert started investing and working in the property industry 15 years ago and constructed his first block of flats 13 years ago. He has a very keen sense for project management and spends most his time now running projects over the country.


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