Premier Investor

A premier investor is someone that would spend time with their family or travel the world, rather than work for their money in a 9 to 5 job. A premier investor is someone that doesn't have the time or the skills to invest in property for themselves.

Premier Investors have some money saved up, just received an inheritance or won the lottery and have some money that is dying in the bank.  They love property and know how property can create an extra monthly income for them and how investing in property can grow the value of their money over time.

Our premier investors:

  • Earn from 12%, 15% and even 20%  per annum on their money
  • Get returns monthly OR get returns at the end of the project
  • Have a lump sum starting from R100 000 that they want to invest

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Making your money work for you

Get your money out of the banks and into property! Your money is dying in the bank, depreciating at a faster rate than what the bank pays you. You just need to look at the inflation and interest rates all over the world to see this in action.

Real Estate is a great investment, and over time, nothing can stop it. There is no technology that can disrupt the fact that people need somewhere affordable to live. Get started in property investment! We want to show you EXACTLY how and make it easy for you.

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