We help everyday people generate passive income through property.

Build passive income. Build a Legacy.

We help everyday people generate passive income through property.

Build passive income. Build a Legacy.


Get 15% Targeted Returns


Get Paid Monthly


Build Passive Income


Worried about where your next pay-check will come from?


  • Tired of relying only on your boss/customers to pay your income?
  • Tired of the bank giving you less than inflation rate for your money?
  • Should the market fail, do you have a plan B?
  • Don’t know how to leverage property in a safe way?
  • Worried about the time you would lose managing tenants issues?
  • Don’t know where to find rental properties with monthly profit?


We understand how difficult it is to earn extra income while you are managing a business a career, and a family.

We started as employees that wanted to create a life of freedom and a legacy for our families.

We can help you achieve the same…

Did you know you can earn passive income through property while actively working in your job or business?

Muller Street investment

Massive opportunity to renovate and tenant this diamond in the rough and earn 14% per year returns (paid monthly).



Opportunity to complete this development in a sought after estate in Kempton Park and earn passive monthly income. 

Comparitive Calculator

Calculate how much you can earn with us…

Build passive income with forward-thinking investors

Join over 210 investors who have seen profitable returns over the last 48 months.

Thomas Reber

It’s a great pleasure working with M5 Property Addicts. “Outside the Box” innovative, visionary, reliable. Efficient, straight forward process and thorough planning. A great partner to do business with.

Martinette Ziman

Retha and her team are amazing. They act professionally, quickly and payout returns on promised dates. I will highly recommend them.

Ruth Helani

The whole process was seamless and very easy. The best part of it is the actual return on the investment that gets paid into my account on time every month. Their newsletters are a welcome source of summarised information and their customer service is truly superb. I am extremely satisfied with the service and advice of M5 Property Addicts.

Our process

How it works

1. We Buy

2. You Invest

3. We collect rent

4. You get paid

Our Approach

M5 Property addicts find the deals, negotiate the purchase, financing, and close the deal.

What to expect

You invest in the actual properties which generate monthly rental payments from creditworthy tenants. 

The Returns

We payout cash distributions to you, the investor. 

The benefits of working with us…


Real estate is a less volatile investment because people will always need a place to stay.


Tenants pay monthly rent which covers all expenses and provides profit to us and our investors.


We deal with tenants and maintenance issues while you enjoy your return on investment.

Who we are

Our journey has taught us to see property differently and to recognise an opportunity to create passive income for ourselves and investors. That is who we are.

We have been entrusted with money from over 210 investors since 2016. Our property opportunities are in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, and Cape Town. We have a network of industry experts that we collaborate with to provide us with great investment opportunities and other specialist services.


the genuises behined our work

Dream big and make it happen with us.

Taurai jack

Taurai Jack


Retha van Rooyen

Retha van Rooyen


Retha van Rooyen

Bevin Thomas

Head of Property Management


Elize le Roux

Head of Legal

Daniel Moropodi

Daniel Moropodi

Head of Sourcing

Hubert Viljoen

Hubert Viljoen

Head of Special Projects

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