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We Make Your Money Work For You

Whether you have cash or can get finance from a bank, we can make your money work for you, instead of you working for money.

Your Passive Income Specialists

Stokvel Investment

Invest in Property from as little as R2500 per month, through the power of people working together.

Cash Investments

Use your cash earning low bank interest to get a high return backed by a property.

Bond / Bank Investments

Use your good credit record to get a bond from a bank to earn a monthly income or a cash lumpsum.

Joint Venture Partner

Use your unutilized land or specialist skills to grow your income by partnering with us.


About Us – No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We believe in excellence, in our projects, customer service, communication, professionalism, and knowledge. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our company and ourselves.

We maintain a very high occupancy rate across all of our managed properties. We achieve this by having strict criteria for what properties we renovate, ensuring there are in the best locations – high rental demand areas, renovated to the best standard, well maintained and managed.

We can never have done the above without our investor community that has backed us up from day one. You too can now invest with us.  Just send us a message and we will connect with you.


Completed Projects

Projects on the Go

Rands invested

How It Works

Choose a way that you want to partner with us. 

Give us a call or send an email and we will be in touch  to discuss opportunities with you.  It is that simple.

We manage the investment end-to-end.

We have our own money in all deals, so can can rest assured that we also have some skin in the game. We only invest in properties with the lowest risks.

Call For More Information:

+27 73 280 7547

Let’s Build Something Together

We are passive income specialists. We specialize in finding properties with a high monthly income. 

From commercial buildings, student accommodation, offices, blocks of flats and houses, we don’t discriminate we tackle them all.

How safe is my money?

Your investment is always backed by property. We also provide a second surety option and even penalties if we pay late!

How is the investment structured?
Direct investments into a property will be in the investors name. Any other properties or investments will be structured as a Special Purpose Vehicle, in which the investor will own shares.
How often do you have new investments?
We have a diverse selection of investments available most of the time. As we find new projects that meet our minimum requirements we will bring them to market.
What happens if M5 Property Addicts has to close?
All properties are either held directly by owners or are owned in a company. If something had to happen to M5 Property Addicts a new property manager could simply be appointed. There would be no impact on the owners or the properties.
What confirmation of investment do I receive?

Once funds have been received from you an email will be sent confirming receipt of the funds. 

When will I start earning a return?

Each project is different. Some will start immediately, some will  only start once the property has been registered. Check your investor proposal for the exact details. 

Meet the Team

Taurai Jack

Taurai Jack

Co-Managing Director
Property Education: RichDadPoorDad Education Dec 2016.

Property Accolades: TJ was a SAPIN (South Africa Property Investor Network) 2018 nominee for the investor of the year award.

TJ is a husband, a father of two, a humble businessman and an active property investor. TJ is biased towards action and he believes that to live a better life one needs to be a bigger human being and the best version of themselves. TJ has a passion of helping others succeed and in his spare time, he teaches other people how to find profitable property opportunities. TJ sources opportunities for the company and has a strong track record of finding best deals for our company and for our investors.

Retha Van Rooyen

Retha Van Rooyen

Co-Managing Director
Property Education: RichDadPoorDad Education October 2016

Retha is a wife, a mom of three, a business woman and a property investor. In life and in business, she believes in taking action and ensuring that every single day she makes progress towards her goals. Retha has a passion for being a coach and loves to guide her students to success. During her career as a property investor, she has managed to successful close various property deals using flips, buy-to-let and unique development strategies for highest returns.




Client Testimonials

“The whole process was seamless and very easy. The best part of it is the actual return on the investment that gets paid into my account on time every month. Their newsletters are a welcome source of summarised information and their customer service is truly superb. I am extremely satisfied with the service and advice of M5 Property Addicts.”


“M5 Real Estate was introduced to us through the network in December 2018, with a proposal to consider investing for a two-month period. The return-on-investment for the two months was far better than what one would get for a year’s investment at a bank. We decided to take the opportunity. At the end of the two months the pay-out was made together with the agreed interest. We will definitely consider similar opportunities as part of our broader investment plan.”


“Retha and her team are amazing. They act professionally, quickly and pay out returns on promised dates. I will highly recommend them


Contact Us

Taurai Jack (TJ)

+27 78 422 6647

Retha Van Rooyen

+27 73 280 7547

Mozart Street, Honeydew, Gauteng, South Africa 2170

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