Now Is The Time To Invest in Property

Real Estate is a great investment, and over time, nothing can stop it. There is no technology that can disrupt
the fact that people need somewhere affordable to live.
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About Us

Connecting everyday people to wealth through property

M5 Property Addicts help people that do not have the time, the skills or the money to invest in property by themselves.  We do all the work for you!

M5 Property Addicts have been helping people in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town to invest in property since 2016, so we have a network of people that find us the best properties at the best prices.

We believe in passive income for investors and ourselves so we will pay you your return on a monthly basis, so that you can take care of those everyday extra expenses. Whether it is to pay for the kids school fees or even just for a luxury holiday.

How it Works

We Buy

M5 Property Addicts finds the deals, negotiates the purchase and financing, and closes the deal.

You Invest

Investors invest in the actual PROPERTIES. This is NOT a REIT or Stock

We Collect Rent

Our portfolio of properties generates monthly rental payments from our creditworthy tenants.

You Get Paid

We pay out cash distributions to you, the investor. We believe in creating a legacy for our children and yours,


Your investment is always backed by property. We also provide a second surety option and even penalties if we pay late!

Direct investments into a property will be in the investors name. Any other properties or investments will be structured as a Special Purpose Vehicle, in which the investor will own shares.

We have a diverse selection of investments available most of the time. As we find new projects that meet our minimum requirements we will bring them to market.

All properties are either held directly by owners or are owned in a company. If something had to happen to M5 Property Addicts a new property manager could simply be appointed. There would be no impact on the owners or the properties.

Once funds have been received from you an email will be sent confirming receipt of the funds.

Each project is different. Some will start immediately, some will  only start once the property has been registered. Check your investor proposal for the exact details.

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